Partners of Carter Ferris

The community at Carter Ferris is talent based of course, but we don’t just reach out to candidates and clients. We also have open dialogue with the people who can draw these two groups together – the kind of people that can offer clarity to the consultancy and fresh thinking to the consultant.

We have established links with a network of partners who can bring a new focus to aspects of your business, life or career. Whether it’s looking at how you generate ideas for your business; managing staff retention; planning business growth for the SME; looking at personal work/life balances; stress management or career guidance, our partner network can offer advice and guidance. Setting time apart to focus on these aspects cannot only have an impact upon the bottom line but also ensure greater personal and collective rewards and satisfaction.

Carter Ferris works with industry professionals who can offer you this service. If any of their services are of interest to you or your business, please feel free to contact them direct with our endorsement.

Psychometric Profiling

Widely regarded as one of the most potent tools of its kind, through our partners Carter Ferris can offer psychometric profiling of individual candidates as a bespoke and additional service. The profile clarifies drivers and fears, control styles, and communication and management preferences. The results help to identify private coping mechanisms, how people adapt at work or in public and how they conduct themselves under pressure – all of which aid the process of selecting new talent.

Email to discuss your specific needs.

partnersjrJR Performance Coaching

Accredited coach and counselling professional Diana Jervis-Read has led teams and companies to better performance, achieving ever more impressive results. Based on over 20 years industry experience of running her own successful PR and marketing business, Diana is also able to provide consultancies with the following bespoke programmes:

  • Workshops on time management & organisational skills, stress management, work/life balance.
  • Coaching on time management.
  • Working with SME owners, most of whom want to focus on strategy, business growth and diagnostic tools.
  • Leadership and management skills including motivation.
  • Teamwork skills – where individuals are not achieving greater performance together than they would apart.
  • Peak performance levels of key personnel and companies.

See more on JR Performance Coaching here.